Keven Eknes

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Currently a resident artist for .strandberg* guitars who I've been with for a couple of years now. .strandberg* combines an innovative ergonomic playability with beautiful designs. I feel I am truly able to express myself musically with these instruments. Currently rocking: Sälen Deluxe, Original 6, Classic 6 (2017).

Honored to be an artist alongside many of my musical heroes for Victory Amps UK, which is truly one of the industry leading brands, famous for their incredible amplifiers.
My guitar tones are primarily provided by the monstrous Sheriff 22, with the V212VH Cab.

For the past couple years I have been one of JBE Pickups “Contributing Artists”, however my history with the pickups go way back. I have been a sole user of theses incredible pickups since before 2011. Currently equipped all my guitars with these incredible products. The pickups are incredibly expressive, and will respond to literally every little nuance to your playing.

Another company I am very proud to represent. I use GHS Sub-Zero Boomers (9-42) for all my stringy needs. Also extremely enthusiastic about the “Fast Fret String Cleaner and Lubricant” for incredible longevity for my guitar strings.

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