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Keven eknes


Keven Eknes, multi-award winning professional guitarist from Norway.

At 19 I released my first original composition Extraterrestrial and was awarded prestigious Norwegian awards: PwC Award (2014); G9Alt Award (2014/16); Helgåleiren Guitar Idol (2014); Tom Wilhelmsen Stiftelse (2012,13,14,15,16); Sandnes Honorary Recognition for Music (2014). I subsequently dropped out of Paul McCartney's School (LIPA) in favor of moving to the US to attend Berklee College of Music being offered both the European Tour Scholarship and the Writing and Composition Scholarship. I became a division award winner for "Outstanding Musicianship" selected by Berklee faculty the following year (2015) and in 2016 became one of three students among 950 graduates to receive the prestigious Artist's Diploma (A.D. see link), closing with a packed arena concert.

My journey as a full-time guitarist since have been ranging from recording lead guitar for National Geographic to multiple multi-million dollar productions and touring nationally to performing at Gardeball (King of Norway's Ball) including being selected by Smoky Mountain Opry as their "Best Male Performer" nominee for the IAAPA Brass Ring Award 2017. Now cruising around Nashville, TN, who knows what 2018 got in store, but my upcoming EP "Northern Lights" is definitely on it's way!

I liked the intensity of the way Keven
played and the way he built his solo
— Lee Ritenour, Descension Solo